Clipping Path

Photoshop clipping Path & Photo Cut Out Service

To ensure quality clipping path, Clipping Path Specialist draws all paths manually using only photoshop pen tool. Once drawing a path is completed to an image, we apply clipping path on it so that when you place it in your layout e.g. in InDesing, it will show only the portion which was inside the path. Everything outside will be omitted and you can use whatever background color you want. We also give you images in PSD or TIFF format with a separate transparent background layer if you need so. How we guarantee 100% accurate clipping path


What is clipping path? clipping Path is a closed vector path, or shape, usually drawn with Photoshop pen tool to cut out an image from it’s background. When clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted. Use of clipping paths in the photo industry has increased dramatically in the past few years. Because the result of cutting out an image from background using photoshop clipping path is the ever best method in terms of quality. There may have some other option in photoshop to drop out backgroundbut they are not used while considering quality output. A clipping path not only can be applied to the kind of images that have sharp edge, it can also be applied to the soft edges.

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