Comprehensive range of image editing services with all types of image masking services including Hair Masking and Deep Etching for both alpha and layer masking. Image masking is the process of removing hair or fur from an image. Since hair strands are extremely thin, it is very difficult to separate them in an image. The process of masking used to digitally separate hair strands for editing services. The image masking process involves the use of clipping path for making the specific selection.


The pen tool or the magic wand tool in Adobe Photoshop can be used for clipping selection in image masking. There are two different types of image masking: • Channel Masking • Layer Masking Channel in other terms Raster Masking is used to smooth the edges of an image when it is difficult to create layers of an image.The use of Deep etching is required to achieve quality hair masking service. Let’s look at the example below where the model is shown in a dark background where her flying hair is almost invisible. Hair masking service allows the proper clipping for a more attractive look where the flying hair is visible.ADVANTAGE OF OUR IMAGE MASKING SERVICE Image masking service is provided by the designers of Creative Clipping Path for both hair masking as well as deep etching.

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