Multiple Clipping Path or in short known as “multi path” is a form of clipping path. As the term, it means the use of multiple paths for conducting clipping of an image. It is also achieved using the Adobe Photoshop’s Pen tool, however tends to be more laborious compared to normal clipping path. For example, it may be required that a model must be flown to Africa with the supporting team such as photographers and other technical assistants for a photography session. However, this tends to be very expensive for a business.


This can be achieved alternatively using a professional photo editing service provider, whether it is an existing photo from a past event, or generating a completely new one. The model can be placed in Africa, the clothing can be modified, objects surrounding the model can be changed/added/removed, etc. All this can be complete with the fraction of the cost of actually scheduling a photography session.Multiple clipping path service is needed for change colors of fabric in an image. As can be seen in the image below, the colors have been changed using multiple clipping paths acquiring the desired results without any flaws. After Multi Path clipping, the color of the fabric is changed from blue to green and this can be done for any other color.Clipping Path Photo Retouching Neck Joint Color Correction Photo Manipulation Shadow Making Multi clipping path Image Masking Ecommerce Image Professional services by skilled experts in image editing service Fast and effective delivery to meet your deadlines Quality assurance guaranteed to satisfy all your requirements

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